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The Benefits of Waterproofing

Damp is merely unwanted moisture in a building. Our kitchens and bathrooms are common places where we introduce unwanted moisture into our homes as a by product of the activities we carry out, namely showering and cooking. But we have systems in place to reduce the effect such as extracts and opening windows.

What do we do, then, when moisture is getting in of it?s own accord. One of the common routes in houses is through damp ingress in basement areas. It?s essential to protect your basement again the passage of water. Leaving a basement without suitable waterproofing could exposing your house to a number of dangers as well as missing out on a number of key benefits.

First and foremost, if water is allowed to penetrate the structural members of your building, it could affect their integrity. Water at ground level, especially in basements, can affect the foundations of a building. This can be more severe in older buildings with less stable foundations. Basement waterproofing can prevent the passage of water into the area.

Water ingress without sufficient ventilation will stagnate and will start to cause mould. This not only affects the health of the building, but can affect the health of the occupiers too. Waterproofing a basement will prevent water ingress into the internal parts of your home and reduce the risk of mould growth.

Waterproofing your basement will ultimately protect the value of your asset, your home, the most expensive thing you are ever likely to own. It is important to maintain and keep in good repair all parts of your home, and this includes the basement, even if you don?t use it as a liveable room.

Arguably the greatest personal benefit you will get from waterproofing a basement is the addition of another usable space. Not only will this give you more space for the family, it will increase the value of your house.

There are plenty of professionals on the market who are experts in waterproofing basements and will be able to offer practical advice about systems that could work for you and your home.

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